The newest Spanish Vino de Pago: Vallegarcía

by  |  12-06-2019

What once was 14 is now 15 as the EU has just published official recognition of the newest Vino de Pago in Spain: Vallegarcía. Maybe you’ve heard of this winery of the same name but chances are, it will probably be all new to you and there’s a good reason for that as the Vino de Pago scheme is awarded to properties that fall outside of other established DOs in Spain. In the case of Vallegarcía, its 31ha sit within the Autonomous Region of Castilla La Mancha (as do eight other Pago estates), but it sits just outside both DO La Mancha as well as DO Méntrida–a fact that surprised me as being possible given how ginormous both of these DOs are. I feel for cellars in this situation as they’re working to to get better recognition for their wines. But, without a backing DO, they’re just cast into the […]
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