Explaining paratge/paraje certifications in Catalan wine

by  |  03-07-2017

With the publication of my lengthy article at Meininger’s explaining the new certifications of DOQ Priorat, it’s worth standing back from this for a moment and understanding a key term that everyone in the wine trade is going to be hearing more of in the year to come: paratge, or in Spanish, paraje. Cava de Paratge Qualificat/Cava de Paraje Calificado The translation to English for this word has been a bit ill-conceived as the main entity pushing its wide use at the moment is DO Cava and they’re trying to paint it as a wine from a single vineyard. They’ve admitted that other terms would have been preferable, but were already registered (pago, finca, parcela, etc.) and so this term is both correct but not correct as literally it’s “place” but for the purposes of wine, the closest term in English for the word would be a “zone”. How big […]
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