Corpinnat and the death of fine Cava?

by  |  01-02-2019

At the end of January, the lucky wineries in Penedès, Catalunya were those out pruning their vines. Then there were others, dealing with heavy affairs that don’t happen every year, but perhaps once a generation. DO Cava gave an ultimatum to the newly-formed group Corpinnat to abandon all promotional aspects by the end of January. Instead of falling in line, nine of the best Cava producers made what must have been an extremely difficult decision on January 30th to announce that they were abandoning the DO Cava completely. This decision didn’t come out of nowhere and in fact had been ruminating for many years as the discontent of those producing high-quality Cava wines had been steadily growing since the commodity-driven producers for which the DO has largely become known for had taken over. After all, what person who visits Barcelona and sees a bottle of basic Cava for 5€ in […]
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