Corpinnat: Going forward

by  |  11-12-2019

This article as well as “Corpinnat: Producers, profile, & terroir?” and the “Corpinnat 2020 Tasting Report” are a culmination of research following the events of: Corpinnat forming in 2018, the producers leaving DO Cava in 2019, as well as the grape-pricing scandal and ensuing harvest strike in DO Cava. The words, “shock waves” are weighty and must be used with great care when talking about something as trivial as wine, but it was undeniably a momentous turn of events when the producers now under the Corpinnat banner announced publicly their decision to leave DO Cava at the beginning of 2019. A great deal has happened since then but the most important has been the first wines to be released on the market with “Corpinnat” on the label making for the first seasonal campaign selling the wines branded without the words, “DO Cava”. Seeing how Cava reacted to this breakaway with […]
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