Corpinnat: Producers, profile, & terroir?

by  |  11-12-2019

This article as well as “Corpinnat: Going forward” and the “Corpinnat 2020 Tasting Report” are a culmination of research following the events of: Corpinnat forming in 2018, the producers leaving DO Cava in 2019, as well as the grape-pricing scandal and ensuing harvest strike in DO Cava. Awhile back I was up at the offices of DO Cava, tasting through a selection of their sparkling wines, accompanied by a Master of Wine. ‘Best Cavas under 20€’ was the theme and the results were going to be featured in a prominent wine magazine. It was not the most glorious of tastings as, of the 40+ wines, I’d only put a mere six at 90 points or above. She’d been even tougher. At one point in comparing our scores she said, “Not a horrid selection of wines but you know what I’m tired of?” to which I replied, “Lime toast?” “Yes, exactly. […]
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