The release of the “Paratge”. DOQ Priorat’s newest step up the Burgundian pyramid.

by  |  13-05-2019

Go and stand outside for a second. All that scenery you can see in front of you with your naked eye would be what is called in Catalan a, paratge and this week, the DOQ Priorat is formally presenting the paratges as the newest level to their forward-thinking regional classifications. Elevated from DO to DOQ by Catalunya in 2000 (and ratified by Spain in 2009), they were also the first DO in Spain to pursue a “Vi de Vila” or “Village” classification; also ratified in 2009. While DO Bierzo and DOC Rioja have initiated their own changes to follow the hallowed “Burgundian pyramid” in terms of vineyard classification, DOQ Priorat is not content to rest upon their laurels and has now released this latest building block of “Vi de Paratge” to their regional classifications. Get to know the “Paratge” The paratge (pronounced pa-RA-cha and also called, paraje in Castilian) seems […]
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