Old co-op, new tricks. La Vinícola del Priorat’s Vi de Vila.

by  |  19-06-2018

On June 9th, La Vinícola del Priorat launched a new series of wines that are all certified under Priorat’s “Vi de Vila”. This certification establishes that 100% of the grapes from the wine came from one of the 12 villages within the bounds of DOQ Priorat which is noteworthy for several reasons. The first is that this is the only remaining cooperative within DOQ Priorat (DO Montsant still has several) which was formed in 2008 from the four that remained in the villages of la Vilella Alta, la Vilella Baixa, el Lloar, and Gratallops–where the main winemaking premises are now based. Cooperatives formed a bridge from the 19th to 21st centuries not just in Priorat and Catalunya but in most all of Europe. Post-phylloxera and post-war, they allowed people to scrape together and survive. For the most part, the wines that emerged were not notable and this has largely remained […]
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