Let’s talk about ’16 and Álvaro Palacios

by  |  25-03-2019

A decade ago, despite living just an hour away in San Francisco, my visits to Napa Valley were readily-dwindling in regularity as tourism was then and is now, out of control. But in a nearly-final visit before moving to Spain, I decided to stop in to one of the most classic of classics, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. The $45 wine tasting (no visit) had at its end, either their Cask 23 or Fay eyedropper-ed into my glass and what I found was something that tasted so raw, oaky, rough, and unbridled, it was like it’d just been pulled from the barrel as a prank to see if I was paying attention. The tasting room employee told me, “It will be excellent in five years.” to which I replied by dumping what I didn’t taste in the spittoon and saying, “Then sell it in five years.” It is admittedly one of […]
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