Wine pairings for recycling days

by  |  05-02-2016

It’s often the case in Catalan or Spanish that when talking about wine pairings, they translate this to ‘marriages’ in English. Thus, ‘this wine marries well with lamb’ makes it sound like a wine prone to bestiality as opposed to being a tasty wine to have with food. I bring up the issue of pairings because these days, pairings are all the rage in Catalonia. You can easily find ‘wine pairings of paintings’, ‘wine pairings of jazz’, or my personal non-favorite ‘wine pairings with Star Wars’, ergh… It seems that long ago, simply pairing wine with food (two things that are completely different yet share the same mouth space) were deemed completely boring. Because of this, I offer up my own series of wine pairings but instead of fine art, music, or cinema, I take us down to the everyday mundane world and shall pair wines with recycling pickup days […]
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