Definitive Wine Guides

The definitive wine guide for Valentine’s Day

by  |  12-02-2021

Hot on the tails of the Definitive Wine Guide for Thanksgiving and the Definitive Wine Guide for Christmas, it’s high time to take on yet another holiday–the most famous one in mid-February. Did you feel... more »

The definitive wine guide for Christmas

by  |  16-12-2020

Several years back, we published a definitive wine guide to American Thanksgiving. Here, Ruth Spivey deftly picks up the torch to take on British Christmas! Around this time of year every single wine journalist –... more »

The definitive wine guide for Thanksgiving

by  |  16-11-2018 ~ 1 Comment

My Great Uncle George had Thanksgiving food and drink pairing down pat: "Everything tastes better with Budweiser". Straight shooting and always to the point, you'd never have known George was first generation Portuguese given his... more »
A window back into the pre-pandemic

The guide to terrible tasters

by  |  17-03-2017

While spring means changing clocks and remembering to take an umbrella with you, for those of us in the wine world, it means that it's the season of wine tastings. I have yet to understand... more »
Emeril Lagasse, well-known showcooker

Showcooking & Wordsenglish in Catalan wine

by  |  17-10-2016 ~ 2 Comments

There really isn't a week that passes in Catalunya where I don't see some event that has a session of "showcooking" scheduled. I'm not really sure how this word entered the regular vernacular although to... more »

Wine pairings for recycling days

by  |  05-02-2016

It’s often the case in Catalan or Spanish that when talking about wine pairings, they translate this to ‘marriages’ in English. Thus, ‘this wine marries well with lamb’ makes it sound like a wine prone... more »