Showcooking & Wordsenglish in Catalan wine

by  |  17-10-2016

There really isn’t a week that passes in Catalonia where I don’t see some event that has a session of “showcooking” is scheduled. I’m not really sure how this word entered the regular vernacular although to an English speaker it sounds rather mentally challenged like “fire, bad!” or “I don’t actually fondle women, that’s just how I talk.” I have three theories as to how this phrase came about. One is that someone put “programa de cuina” (literally, cooking program) or other variations in to Google Translate and “show cooking” was what was crapped out the other end. Rushing a deadline, some event or marketing company just used it without asking an English speaker if it sounded stupid, which is does. My other theory is that someone saw that in the US, the “cooking show” was very popular and then decided to “Catalanize” it by putting the noun in front […]
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