In The Glass: Vuina Plavac Štafileo Barrique 2009

by  |  09-09-2012

This is an interesting take on Plavac Mali from Vuina, a winery located between Split and Trogir on the coast of Croatia. Ironically, while not a bumpin’, off-the-chart wine growing region, this is where the original Crljenak vines were found that set off that whole “Zinfandel insanity” a decade ago. Fond memories… Anyways, like most all of the Vuina wines, this is a very enjoyable bottle. Generally smooth with succulent chocolate tones and a slight back end of walnuts and other nut elements, it’s pleasant drinking, albeit with a stronger body than their other wines due to the time spent in the oak boosting it to 14% abv. For 11€, it’s well-priced as well for the region. It’s not however like the Plavac Mali you find in Pelješac and definitely not like those in Dingač, but not everyone can be like those, so, there you go. But, it should be […]
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