Some time back, we had our first taste of the newly-invigorated Crljenak being released by Zlatan Plenković. Again, as quick fly-by primer, Crljenak (or Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag/Pribidrag) is the genetically identical grape to Zinfandel in California and Primitivo in Italy. When crossed in a loving embrace with Dobričić, it resulted in the lovely Plavac Mali that has grown to be so popular in Dalmatian wines these days.

Since this initial bottle by Plenković, other Crljenak-based wines have come the market. I was able to taste all of them last April in Zagreb with the exception of the Mimica 2008 Pribidrag from Kuća sretnog čovjeka in Omiš. Maybe our paths will cross the next time. Anyways, without further ado:


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2 responses to “The Crljenak/Tribidrag Showdown”

  1. srdjan zitkovic says:

    miquel very nice article!!! I could tell you a lot about zinfandel story in Croatia…

  2. Miquel says:

    Fantastic, hopefully we can meet up the next time we’re in Croatia.

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