Defining Prošek

by  |  26-09-2011

It’s often the case that Dalmatian Prošek is confused with Italian Prosecco, but they are nothing alike (Prošek is a sweet, dessert wine while Prosecco is a sparkling wine) and they share no grapes in common. In all our travels, we have yet to get a firm translation of Prošek, although the roots appear to come from the Croatian adverb “prošli” meaning “late”. That š is quite important though as “prosek” is a different word that means “average” in Croatian. Any expansion on the definition by hardcore linguists is naturally welcome. My first exposure to the wine was in the form of the Prošek sold all over the place by Croatian wine conglomerate, DalmacijaVino which, at 12€ for a one liter bottle is the absolute cheapest bottle of the wine you’ll find. It’s somewhere between bleah and tolerable, but it’s not the level of wine you get from smaller producers, […]
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