A breakdown of Bermet

by  |  25-01-2011

Bermet is a sweet wine that is a specialty of northern Serbia’s Fruška Gora wine region, in the Vojvodina province that, while originally produced to be medicinal (like the original digestifs), is an interesting infused dessert wine. It has between 16 and 18% of alcohol and it is usually served as a dessert wine, with coffee and cookies, but can also be served as an aperitif, much like Italian Vermouth. However, Bermet is produced in a different way than Vermouth, through maceration of 20 different herbs and spices. It can be made of red or white grapes, but the exact recipe is secret and held by only a handful of families in the town of Sremski Karlovci. The owner of Dulka winery (Дулка in Serbian Cyrllic), for example, told us that he makes the base of his white Bermet are Župljanka grapes, a local variety, and Merlot for his red. […]
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