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Elia is in charge of overall editorial and content direction for the website.

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Drinking well, in Honduras

by  |  21-12-2022

An ongoing series that looks at how to enjoy a drink in less obvious and at times, exotic destinations for the European or North American traveler. “Meterse en... more »
Photo by Morana Zibar

The nitty & gritty about The Wine Instagram

by  |  09-10-2020 ~ 1 Comment

Lockdown brought about an exponential increase in my social media screen time to the point of saturation and forced me to re-evaluate the good, the bad and the... more »

A glimpse of Chianti in the fall (Part 2)

by  |  31-12-2013

Back in October I spent a long weekend in the Chianti region of Tuscany and visited three quite different wineries that are all part of the Arezzo Wine... more »

A glimpse of Chianti in the fall (Part 1)

by  |  29-12-2013

As member of the Slow Food Barcelona board, back in October I was invited to attend an event in a small town in Tuscany for the 10th anniversary... more »

Making a ripoff in a wine glass

by  |  29-08-2013

While it’s hard to complain about the price of a glass of wine in Spain given that in San Francisco or New York, you can pay upwards of... more »

Living Wine in Reus or #ReusViuelVi (Day 2)

by  |  17-06-2013

Read Part 1 of #ReusViuelVi Early in the morning on Saturday (June 8th) I was woken up by the loudest thunder and a tropical storm followed. That’s it,... more »

Living Wine in Reus or #ReusViuelVi (Day 1)

by  |  16-06-2013

Thanks to friend and blogger extraordinarie, Ruth Troyano I was lucky to be invited to the wine fair Reus Viu el Vi last weekend in, yes you’ve guessed... more »

The first annual Cooperative Fair

by  |  06-04-2013

Having spent quite a bit of time in Priorat, blogging about it, and most importantly, drinking it, last Saturday I was invited to attend the 1st Cooperative Fair... more »

Rendez-vous: Telmo Rodríguez at Moritz’s bar-à-vins

by  |  26-02-2013

We’ve been huge fans of the Bar-à-vins [sadly now defunct] in the Moritz beer factory since before it opened last September. Yes, that’s right, Barcelona’s best wine bar... more »

La Quinta Essència dels Llops

by  |  02-10-2012

While we where in Priorat last weekend, our friend-in-blog, Ruth Troyano tipped us off to a promising event at the Falset castle, a historic building that has been... more »