Living Wine in Reus or #ReusViuelVi (Day 1)

by  |  16-06-2013

Thanks to friend and blogger extraordinarie, Ruth Troyano I was lucky to be invited to the wine fair Reus Viu el Vi last weekend in, yes you’ve guessed it, the city of Reus about 130km south of Barcelona. As they wanted to generate buzz, they invited a few wine bloggers to attend and use the hashtag #ReusViuelVi to write about it (the others were Dami Vila Sommelier, Malviatge, Pretty Wines, Viajares, Gastronovi and Marc Orozco). The fair kicked off on Friday evening (June 7th) at the Plaça Llibertat with a group tasting to the beats of local DJ Marc Griso as they were wanting to appeal to a young crowd of 18 to 28 years old. They called it Disco Wine Rave even though it was from 7 to 8pm (quite early for a rave) and cordoned off one section of the square. The tasting took place in that close […]
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