The down low on DO Terra Alta

by  |  13-05-2012

Yesterday afternoon we attended a tasting of 12 wineries from the Terra Alta region that took place in Pla de Palau, Barcelona to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their DO. This is a region that’s in the deep southwest of Catalonia, just a bit inland from the sea. Naturally, it was put on by the DO Terra Alta who have been recently ramping up their outreach. Although despite having a wine guide for the Empordà region on the other end of Catalonia, we only stumbled across this event online by accident. And, this is despite the fact that we’ve even had Terra Alta on our radar for some time due to sommelier Mònica Farré putting a selection on the wine list at La Plaça in Madremanya. For those unfamiliar with this DO, it shares a similar history as that of Empordà and Catalonia as a whole. Wine was introduced to […]
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