The succulent tasting menu at La Plaça

by  |  08-03-2012

Whenever we get the chance (which, admittedly is not that often) we will partake of the tasting menu offered at La Plaça in Madremanya, Catalonia, Spain. While there is a full menu as well, this prix fixe option is a simply stupendous way to experience your lunch. Served over a variety of small, tasting courses, Chef Vicenç Fajardo takes diners on a wondrous journey over the course of the meal. Trying to describe it doesn’t really do it justice and the photos below only illustrate the deft plates that Vicenç and his staff turn out. One should really go taste it to experience his take on traditional Catalan dishes that reflect a great deal of interpretation coming via Vicenç’s time at other restaurants such as La Cuina de Can Pipes and in Australia prior to starting his own venture. It’s not cheap at ~46€ but at the same time, given […]
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