The joys of bulk wine

by  |  01-02-2011

There’s nothing sophisticated about it. You walk in to a winery like Empordàlia and go straight to the back of the place. There, you will find the massive 10,000 or 25,000 liter stainless steel tanks looming like sentries. At the bottom, a spigot. Nearby, your selection of large or small plastic bottles if you forgot to bring your own. In Spanish and Catalan it ‘a granel’ or ‘bulk’ wine. There is no big secret to it here though. You can find it anywhere in Europe where they make wine, although we’re of the opinion that the best versions of it are in countries along the Mediterranean. In 2007 for instance, we stayed with a Croat who owned a pension in Dubrovnik and every week he would lug in a 10L bottle of bulk Plavac Mali that he bought from up on Pelješac Peninsula. Naturally the assumption is that if you’re […]
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