A glimpse in to Oliver Conti

by  |  13-07-2011

We came across a brief review (in Catalan) of the winery of Oliver Conti up in Northeastern Catalonia, Spain. The writeup is overall quite positive, extolling the virtues of the Conti wines as well as the ecotourism that they ply, allowing people to stay amongst the vines in a rural setting. The winery is located in the town of Capmany. This small, mountain town is quite charming and the author of the article makes note of: On the evening we visited in June, the northern, “tramuntana” wind blew. The vines bowed from this wind which took the words of our conversation towards the far off Montgrí. While poetic, that wind is damnable and strong all year round. It gives a distinct element to the wines from Capmany though as, despite their somewhat higher altitude in Alt Empordà, they produce quite full-bodied vintages. The Conti wines follow true to the general […]
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