A trip to Arché Pagès

by  |  17-08-2011

This is an article from our archives that was previously run on another site in November, 2009. The family behind Arché Pagès has been making wine for the last four generations with the current winemaker, the son, Bonfill taking over in his mid twenties; lucky guy. This name is a very old Catalan name which was his grandfather’s and it means, “good son”. Obviously, it’s a bit to live up to. There is a lot to appreciate about this winery in regards to their approach to winemaking. For starters, they found out that old milk pasteurizers were mighty cheap, very large, and worked extremely well as wine tanks for aging. They are in the process of replacing all of this, but apparently for starting out, they worked just fine. Then there’s the fact that they actually need to both chill and humidify their cellar. Why both? La Tramuntana, that’s why. […]
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