The 2008 Folrat is a curious wine as officially, it’s not made by one specific winery. Yes, it’s aged for five months in oak at LaVinyeta in the Alt Empordà county of Spain, but the enologs are Josep Serra (the head of LaVinyeta) and Marià Bigordà.

The word “folrat” literally means “lined”, but it also refers to the folre (a support level) in a castell which is a linguistic nod to how this wine supports whatever it is had with. It’s definitely true that this 14% alcohol blend of 35% Samsó (Carinyena), 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, and 15% others is a remarkable little imprint wine that they’re producing there. The nose is dry, but with a hint of oak as well as forest berries. The body is meaty and sets up a good acidity that will stand up to just about any meal while at the same time, not overpower it, playing in to its namesake. It has small amounts of plum and currant as well as a touch of oak that may run a bit strong for some, but is completely within the limits of what is enjoyable.

The finish is dry and lingers a good deal as it pulls in to a smooth, overall pleasing swallow. In short, a mighty excellent wine, which, if you can find it around the Girona Province of Catalonia, we recommend you give it a try… and try not to drink the whole bottle in one sitting as it’s very easy to kick back.

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