It’s that calçotada time of year

by  |  25-02-2013

It could quite easily be said that it’s a blessing to only have calçotadas for one season of the year. It is a feast which, at its very heart is massively intense, delicious, and one which most everyone in Catalonia seemed to attend over the past weekend. While originally from the southern Catalan region, you can find these meals everywhere in Catalonia now and it all revolves around the calçot, this green onion that’s cultivated to have a longer stalk than usual. These are grilled (along with a healthy portion of meat) and then served alongside Romesco sauce for dipping. Upon finishing up the dangling of the onion slathered in sauce in to your mouth and messing yourself up no extent, you feel full. The vegetarians amongst us would even declare a small victory in being able to enjoy what seemed to be a full meal in Catalonia. Then of […]
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