Microvins, the smaller they are, the bigger they taste

by  |  07-05-2012

In Catalonia, single varietal wines aren’t the norm. Typically, what you get in a bottle, is a blend of several different varietals and is an artform performed by the enologs in the area. These blends are how life has been at la Vinyeta and we’ve documented the progress of the various wines coming to sale over the years via a number of articles, as well as in our extensive Empordà wine guide. One of the last wines to be released was the Mig Mig, but that was still a blend, although one of only two wines: Marselan and Grey Grenache (Garnatxa Roja). But, apparently the time has come for Josep Serra i Pla to release a single varietal wine. In this case, he’s created a new bottling called, “Microvins”. There is a red and a white which are both derived from 100% Carignan. Now, Carignan has something of a bad […]
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