LaVinyeta Mig Mig 2009

by  |  14-09-2011

LaVinyeta has been growing steadily as a winery over the years and we’ve been happily following along since the beginning when winemaker Josep Serra Pla was just starting out and only had a small offer of wines. This offer has steadily grown over the years to the point where he has enough grapes produced to release the Mig Mig. This is pronounced “meech meech” and it means, “half and half” or “50-50”. It’s a fitting Catalan name given that the wine is made up of two parts that are distinctly different from one another, yet somewhat the same. One part of the blend is Garnatxa Roja. Take note that this is Catalonia. “Roja” (pronounced “ruzha” in Catalan) doesn’t mean “red” as it would in Spanish (“red” is “vermell” or “roig” in Catalan) and it is in fact a type of Garnatxa that isn’t often seen outside of dessert wines. The […]
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