Sereno Sidecar: The cocktail is real

by  |  03-08-2012

It really wasn’t meant to be originally. While ensconced in the “Fortress of Solitude” (a rather isolated 11th century Catalan farmhouse) working on the Empordà guide we’d take a break here and there to do other things–namely, make cocktails. Beyond perfectifying (bound to be a word someday) classic cocktails like Manhattans, Gimlets, and the Catalan favorite: GinTonic, new creations emerged such as the Sereno Sidecar (which they pronounce Si-De-Car in Catalonia). As detailed in that article, it’s a less strong take on the traditional Sidecar which replaces the Cognac (at 40% abv) with vi ranci (at 15% abv). There’s also the addition of bitters and a basil leaf garnish to round everything out. I believe it to be a solid glass of yum. Well, it made its way around the Twitterz and the fantastic Almadraba Park Hotel said that they were going to start serving it in their cool Raspa&Wine […]
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