Reusing wine bottles… at the winery

by  |  30-01-2012

In these times of more active ecology in all facets of life, I have often wondered as to why we don’t recycle our wine bottles. Naturally, a great many of us divert them from the landfill by tossing them in the glass bin to be melted down to make new bottles. But, this isn’t what I’m getting at as wineries typically use the same bottles from year to year and so why, when we’re finished with a wine from a specific winery, do we not return bottles directly to them to be re-bottled like some dairies are doing again? In searching around, the only trace of this happening in the US was at a winery in Texas of all places. In California, the huge wine producing state with tough environmental laws, it seems that little is thought of this practice. Even a company called, Wine Bottle Renew that started specifically […]
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