When the cork fails

by  |  08-10-2012

With all of the Tumblrs out there like Rich Cats of Instagram, Stuff on my dog’s head, or belated “dear leader” Kim Jong Il Looking at Things, I can’t believe that there isn’t “Cork Fail” tumblr showing various corks falling to pieces from wine bottles. While unfortunate when it happens, it’s not a surprise really given that they’re a product of nature and prone to irregularities. The one pictured above was really amazing. It’s the cork from one of the bottles in the case of Vinya Selva de Mar 2000 from Mas Estela that we’d picked up some time pack. Without exception, all the corks in that case broke when pulled. But this one was special. It didn’t break and came out in one piece, but was completely saturated with the wine to the point of even seeping slightly on the end. So, that’s not meant to be a purple […]
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