Experiencing Perelada’s Finca Garbet 2005

by  |  18-06-2012

The general trend of wineries in Empordà is to have an array of wines ranging from lower end to higher end. The definition of what these price points are can vary a great deal. In the case of Marià Pagés, that’s 2€ to 7€ a bottle. For La Vinyeta, it’s 5€ to 20€. For Castillo de Perelada, it’s 4€ to 110€. This last range might seem like a very large disparity, but it’s due to their Finca Garbet wine that’s leagues away from the others in terms of price. It’s also important to note that, as far as we know, this is the most expensive bottle in the region. The good part is that Perelada knows this and they go a long way to making the wine unique in its presentation, as opposed to wines like this you pick up in California’s Napa Valley for $150 that are basically just […]
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