Wines of the Cap de Creus, Catalonia

by  |  25-05-2015

For me, Cap de Creus has always been a special place. It was one of the first parts of DO Empordà that I started exploring in 2007 and the cellars there were the first of what became many throughout Catalonia that I got to know. As time has gone on, I’ve had the chance to poke around in Roussillon across the French border as well and see something of a sibling region. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable quest which culminated in a wine book, tours, and now this article that I hope portrays what a lovely region it is to visit. The most eastern point on the Iberian Peninsula, Cap de Creus is typically associated with rugged beauty, a natural park, and/or the ever-present mention of Dalí’s summer home in Port Lligat. This is the Cap de Creus of modern times and none of this is incorrect. Any journey by […]
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