The Sweet Lent

by  |  04-02-2015

From my latest column on Barcelona Metropolitan, I offer up a couple of “gateway sweet wines” for those who may have found this type of wine unfortunately scarring in the past. For those that fall prey to the virulently spreading American tradition of Valentine’s Day, the 14th is coming. For those more religiously minded, Lent is quickly approaching starting on the 15th. While the tie in with Valentine’s seems like a natural fit for having one of Catalonia’s sweet wines (say a Grenache along with dark chocolates, candle light, and an evening without mobile phones) there is actually a tradition of drinking sweet wines along with eating brunyols during the Lent as a form of sustenance. How this is fasting exactly, I don’t know, but it sounds damned delicious. I came to Catalonia not a fan of sweet wines as those I had tried from most New World cellars are […]
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