La cuesta de enero

by  |  02-01-2015

From my latest column on Barcelona Metropolitan, I offer up a selection of wines with a great quality-cost ratio. There are many here in Catalonia and as space was limited in print, I’ve included the full text plus a few more options below. Broken, battered, spent–and that’s before we get in to the state of our wallets after the holidays. In January, we always find ourselves at the point wherein we have to dig ourselves out of what happened during December, shameful, shameful December… I find that wine is an excellent companion for these endeavors and given the state of most budgets this month, I’d like to recommend a series of wines all under 10€. Altavins Almodí 2013 Licorice, cloves, red fruit, menthol. Even in the body with good balance. Touch young still and dry finish that will hopefully smooth out a little. 100% Hairy Grenache 14.65% 7€ * Altavins […]
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