For the love of a good seal

by  |  13-12-2011

While not particular to cork, screw, or glass as method of sealing a wine bottle, the one thing that really needs to happen is that whatever is holding in the wine, really holds it in. It’s a wonderful thing to view when you open a bottle with a couple of years on it and see that the cork is holding up solidly. Such is the case with this bottle of 2005 Sinols Criança from Empordàlia that I opened today. The stain of wine around the edge of the cork was maybe 2mm and perfectly even. There was no seepage along the side despite the bottle lying in the cellar for two years. A benefit to making wine in a region where they also grow cork oaks. Unfortunately, the wine was just a little past its peak age to drink and even with such a lovely seal, it wasn’t a bright […]
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