Once you go around to enough wineries (anywhere in the world), you start realizing that dogs are a common element. Sure, the winery cat may pop up here and there, but for some reason, when it comes to the grapes, it’s a dog’s world. Here’s a batch of doggies from when we were traveling around for the Empordà guide:

Clos d’Agon

While the Clos d’Agon (or Mas Gil) wines can be pretty big in the body (and thus large in the points), this mother and son were the most playful pair you’ll ever see.

Aldea de Buscarós

While it looks like I posed this shot (and the lead shot in the guide is similar), I didn’t. This fellow just followed me around was practically better to get his photo taken. Who knows, he seemed to have such a good sense of the cellar, he might help out with the racking.

La Vinyeta – Cuca

I don’t think Cuca is fully aware that she resides on a winery. Her main focus is her rock(s). When not guarding them, she can often be found beneath the La Vinyeta delivery truck, hiding from the heat of which she is not a fan.


It’s almost like this fellow is a brother to Cuca, but he’s mostly concerned with his stick. On our previous visit, he was more fixated with a dead bird he found somewhere. Damned dogs.

Masia Serra – Most

Most has grown up a bit since our first visit to Masia Serra. A super friendly lab, he really wants to always go where the people are, yet he is strictly banned from Jaume Serra’s tasting room. Needless to say, he keeps trying to get in.

Terra Remota – Vic

Vic pretty much lounges around most of the day at Terra Remota, seeking the shady spots of their modern winery building. Given that everyone in the winery owner’s family and many of the employees have vineyards named after them, it would be surprising to see a Vic Vineyard with old, mellow Cabernet Franc vines.


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