Garage cellers of Capçanes

by  |  03-10-2012

It was a dark and stormy night, the clouds tossing out more rain than they had all year. Several days prior, amidst sun and the end of the harvest, word came down that three barrels of premium grape juice were sitting in a house where a New Zealander had been staying and working on some garage wine. Off we went with a ragtag band of young winemakers. Upon arrival, they opened the barrels and we tasted one of the most disgusting things to ever cross our lips. The fermentation had stopped and the wine was stuck in a sweet quasi-wine state. One of this rebellious wine gang members had been working to try and restart it, but as of that evening, their efforts had yet to pay off. Such is life for those in Capçanes. This compact village on a hill in the Priorat comarca of Catalonia is just a […]
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