A 20th century tasting of Vinya Selva de Mar

by  |  30-08-2012

Wine shops are funny in Catalonia and Spain. In the wine world at large, vintages are quite important as (at least prior to the Michel Rolland, laboratory wine state of things) there would be good vintages and bag. For instance, no one in their right mind should touch the 2011 vintage from Napa or Sonoma Valley where they had to harvest too early due to rain. While the final wines will probably be “okay” due to the aforementioned laboratory dickery mixed with entire forests of oak dumped on those poor grapes, they’ll definitely be less than optimal. Such things are unimportant it seems to the Catalan wine merchant where you’ll see multiple vintages being sold at the same price at the same time despite the fact that they are generally of varying levels of quality from one another. For the wary customer, this can work out quite well. It can […]
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