Wines from the wind

by  |  13-08-2012

It’s not terribly easy to explain the Tramuntana, this northern wind that blows heavily across the Empordà counties in Catalonia, the northeast corner of Spain. Sure, it’s a wind, but it’s not just any wind. During the winter, it can gust up to 200kph wreaking all manner of havoc in the area. In the summer, while not as strong, it can whip up fires and either decrease or amplify the heat depending on its devilish mood. But, about the only way to see it in action is in a video like the one I shot some time back during a tranquil summer day in Figueres. While it’s running about 3x normal speed, you can see how the Tramuntana blows down from the mountains (on the left), across the plain, and out to the sea (on the right). But, this isn’t a website about meteorology, it’s one about wine and this […]
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