Climbing the terraces of Hugas de Batlle

by  |  15-03-2012

Without a doubt, it had to be the dumbest time in recent history to be traipsing about the mountains of upper Empordà. While the Tramuntana is a wind that blows all year long, it was blowing incredibly fiercely when we were visiting Hugas de Batlle in February. How fierce? Try 175kph. It was ripping ancient olive trees out of the ground that had been standing for centuries and causing havoc all around the region. And there I was, trying to take photos of these ancient vineyard terraces while trying not to get tossed down the mountain, landing as a macerated heap in the town Colera below. So, who in their right might would be up on these terraces for the last 12 years working to not only restore them, but make wine from them? Eduard (Edu) Hugas de Batlle. Edu is great guy and insanely dedicated to 16 hectares of […]
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