The high taste of Altavins

by  |  24-05-2012

We managed to get a tasting of Altavins at the DO Terra Alta tasting in Barcelona two weeks ago. They were one of the stand-outs of the wineries and presented some quite enjoyable wines at quite reasonable prices. In the shot above, you can see their new labels on the left versus the old labels on the right. Obviously, it’s a bit of a departure. Those with a very sharp eye would note that the design style might seem similar to other wineries and that’s because it is. The designer is Lluís Serra i Pla who is the brother of Josep Serra i Pla, the owner of la Vinyeta up in Empordà who has some of the most remarkable label design in the region thanks to Lluís. Started in 2001, Altavins produces about 60,000 bottles of wine a year. We were chatted up the very friendly Joan Bautista Arrufí who […]
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