Terra Alta and the finesse of Garnatxa Blanca

by  |  08-07-2019

For the current issue of World of Fine Wine I was given free rein to write about all that is wonderful when it comes to the Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache) grape in DO Terra Alta. Given that nowhere else produces varietal wines of this grape (and 1/3 of all its vineyards in the world are in the county of Terra Alta) hopefully I’ve shed a bit more light on what excellence the producers in Catalunya’s “deep south” have been doing for the last few years. As Garnatxa Blanca may be a mystery in terms of profile to many, the first question is, what is it like? For that, you start in the vineyard and tasting grapes at the end of last August from Joan Arrufí’s old vines, there was an easy to detect brisk acidity as well as full structure and vibrant orchard fruit flavors. There was also this whooshing […]
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