Lafou – Els Amelers 2015

by  |  17-08-2016

For those who don’t know it, Lafou in DO Terra Alta has quickly risen to be one of the reference cellars for the appellation. Both their reds and whites are showing the brilliant potential that’s possible in the region but is often off the radar of most people in the international wine trade. I had to really work on convincing a new importer in the US to make a trip down there with me when searching out wines but she was quite happy once we went. Based in Batea, Lafou (which is the name of a narrow gorge where water passes in Catalan) makes this one white wine and it’s based solely on White Grenache which is the main grape that the region has been getting known for, at least locally. Despite this, it’s only in recent years that the region is now 50/50 in terms of red and white […]
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