In The Glass: Celler Tern Garnatxa Blanca 2012

by  |  10-03-2013

We were recently the lucky winners of a bottle of Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache) 2012 by Celler Tern down in the Terra Alta region of Catalonia, in a giveaway at the Circ de Tarragona website. They’ve been bandying about this wine a bit as they’re just recently redesigned the label, but one of the best aspects of it is the freshness. While not mineral as I general like to find in the White Grenache of say, Empordà and Priorat, it stays away from that damnable sweetness you often find in the style of some whites commonly made in Terra Alta. Celler Tern is a very young winery started by three young winemakers, and 2012 is only their third vintage. And seeing the results they’ve already achieved with this White Grenache, we’re looking forward to tasting the two reds Celler Tern makes. Garnatxa Blanca 2012 presents a wonderfully crisp, refreshing take […]
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