DO Terra Alta – 2019: A southern kind of lovely

by  |  04-02-2019

A Spanish wine region with great vineyards and wines that are just starting to show a brilliance that’s been hiding in plain site is most assuredly not a new story–although it’s one I’m always happy to tell. It’s probably not a stretch to say that DO Terra Alta isn’t readily placed on anyone’s world wine maps but for reference, it’s nearly at the very southern point of Catalunya (in Spain’s northeast on the Mediterranean coast and not by Basque Country.) This would mean that in terms of closest regions, you’d have DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant to the north, DO Cariñena a bit further to the west, and then the DOs of València to the south. Those family with Spain’s grapes might then imagine it’s a region dominated by Grenache/Carignan with perhaps a splash of Bobal or even Monastrell you see in València. Indeed, the first batch of grapes have […]
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