In The Glass: Antunović Postup 2010

by  |  27-04-2012

This bottle was picked up while in Zagreb at the Wine Weekend. While Antunović wasn’t present (this bottle is from the almighty & glorious, Vrutak), it’s always interesting to taste a Postup wine as they vary a good deal in character and there weren’t a tremendous amount of them at the wine fair. What Mato Antunović is making down in the village of Oskorušno is the type of Postup that is more food friendly. With a strong brace of acidity, it really wants to be paired with a dish. It does open up a decent amount with time, but it’s more generally reserved and lighter than other Postups I’ve had. Still, a good deep wine made from the Plavac Mali grape that, these days in Croatia is a decent price for the region.
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