Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend Day III

by  |  15-04-2012

In many cultures, Sunday is a day of rest. For the attendees, exhibitors, and staff at the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend, after Days I & II it was indeed this, as well as a day of penance. Most everyone was off to a pretty bumpy morning given that all of the largest parties happened Saturday night. Even the two guys handing out glasses looked like they’d been dancing in traffic until the sun came up. There were those of us who called it an early night at 01:00 after going to the smashing tasting at Apetit of Piquentum’s wines that was put on by Brava Wine with some additional, deliciously-obscure wines (like Žlatina from Krš in Herzegovina) pulled out of nowhere by Blue Danube Wine. The advantage in attending this small, intimate affair was that it allowed one to be fresh in the morning and head in to this last […]
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