Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend Day II

by  |  14-04-2012

Coming from Day I, naturally Day II of the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend was a more smoothly-oiled machine. Everyone had settled in to their tables and more signs had been put up to make sure that everyone saw that there were two separate winery sections, especially the second one where there’s all the food in addition to some great wines! Today was something of a discovery day. Recovering from refusing to spit too many good wines yesterday, mixed with Alen Bibich’s afterparty last night, it was a slow morning. That meant, hitting up Zlatan Plenković, before the thirsty hoards arrived so that I could spend a bit of time with what has generally been one of my favorite coastal wineries in Croatia when it comes to the larger style you get from all the sun. They didn’t disappoint and all of the past wines were solid. I mean, Grand Cru? […]
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