A Poletti taste of Istria

by  |  04-04-2017

While at the Grand Tasting in February, in one of the masterclasses, I had the chance to taste the wines of Poletti, a Croatian winery located in Central Istria. Making wine for some six generations, they now lay claim to 7ha of vineyards in the village of Višnjan. I feel like I know this village for having passed through it when visiting some other cellar nearby, but I could easily be wrong. Charming little hilltop villages start to blend together in Istria. The wines were across the board good but more to the point, they really epitomized what “is” Istria to me currently. There’s a good deal of Malvazija Istarska as well as Teran, and then some international varieties tossed into the mix as seen with the Chard and Cab. I can’t tell you what is the truly perfect grape for Istria however as I’ve yet to find any one […]
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