50 years of the Postup appellation

by  |  22-03-2017

When it comes to the “Grand Crus” of Croatia, if people know one, it would be Dingač, although I’m sure even that’s a stretch. There’s nothing shameful in this as Croatia hasn’t done much to really promote appellations, let alone try to search out its top vineyard sites. This is a pity as both the coastal and continental segments have some lovely vineyard locations. As you can read up in the Dalmatia wine book, Dingač was the first “protected region” to be established in 1961, followed by Postup in 1967. And then… it just sorta stopped there. No idea why really as they (the former Yugoslavian government) were doing things very well and proper, modeled on the ever-referenced French system, yet they didn’t continue in this pattern. When talking about the highest-quality Dalmatian wines, it’s Dingač that will often be mentioned. Based on the Plavac Mali grape the wines have […]
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