Vinistra 2013

by  |  11-07-2013

In May, we attended Vinistra. This was their 20th edition of the fair, but this isn’t just an organization that puts on a fair each year to show the regional products of the Istrian Peninsula. Vinistra is the closest entity Croatia has to a DO body. This is part of the reason that Istrian wines are of a higher, more evenhanded quality level than other regions of Croatia. While not an official governmental body, it sets some parameters as to how wines should be produced in the region — particularly the ones made with Istrian Malvazija that are certified with the IQ seal. But, beyond all of this, the fair is a great cross section of the wines being produced in the region. This was our first time attending it as in the past too many other events overlapped given that May is batshit insane when it comes to the […]
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